Final Logistics

Differences from midterm logistics are highlighted in blue.

The final is Thursday, August 13, 4pm-7pm PT. Lectures 1-27 (up to August 6) and all discussions, projects, and homeworks are in scope for the final. There will be a slight emphasis on post-midterm material (a rough estimate: 2/3 post-midterm material, 1/3 pre-midterm material).

If you cannot take the exam at the scheduled time, please fill out this conflict form by Tuesday, August 11 at the latest.

The exam will be proctored over Zoom. If you do not feel comfortable with video proctoring or don’t have the equipment for video proctoring, please make a private Piazza post by Tuesday, August 11 so we can discuss alternatives (probably a short verbal assessment after the exam).

Before the exam:

On the day of the exam:

During the exam:

After the exam:

Frequently Asked Questions: