Homework 4: Padding Oracle Attack Lab

Update 7/15 9:27 AM: The provided ZIP file was corrupted. Please try to download it again if you were experiencing difficulties opening the lab.

Complete this homework by filling out the Jupyter notebook and uploading the .ipynb file to Gradescope by Tuesday, July 21, 11:59pm PT.


We recommend you either run the lab locally with Anaconda or in your browser using Google Colab. We recommend using Google Colab if you don’t have Anaconda installed, you’re new to Jupyter notebooks, or you encounter technical issues working locally.

Follow these instructions to complete the assignment through Google Colab in your browser.

To run locally with Anaconda, run the following commands in the padding_oracle_lab directory:

conda env create -f padding_oracle_env.yml
conda activate padding_oracle
jupyter notebook