Lecture 25: Anonymity, Tor

Anonymity Demo

(True/False) Picking a random student to share a memory with was primarily to prevent someone from being able to trace the memory back to you.


(True/False) Anonymity can be easily obtained by using TLS since it encrypts all of your communication


(True/False) If you use a proxy, noone can trace a webpage request back to you.

Onion Routing

(True/False) If you use two intermediate non-colluding proxies, no single proxy knows both your identity and the site you visited.

Onion Routing Issues

(True/False) If you are using 5 intermediate proxies, and 4 of those nodes maliciously collude, your anonymity is still guaranteed.

Internet Censorship


(True/False) Encryption is an effective way to evade censorship